Though designed for children's birthday parties, these cupcake decorating parties can be adapted for adults, hen parties or simply ladies mornings. 

Looking for a great activity for your child's birthday party?

Look no further. here at the Suffolk Cupcake Company, we offer an activity and party bags all-in-one. Our cupcake Decorating Parties are so much fun and can be adapted to each individual child depending on their likes, favourite colours and hobbies making them individual to them and different every time..


You have two options: 

Basic Cupcake Decorating Kits : £8 per child 


Our cupcake decorating kits are priced per child and include:


  • 2 Vanilla Un-decorated Cupcakes
  • Party Box in a choice of pink, Blue or Yellow.
  • Disposable Apron
  • a minimum of 4 pots of various sprinkles (depending on overall number)
  • Glace icing in 2 colours
  • Party invitations

***Minimum order of 6 Kits 

The Ultimate Cupcake Decorating Party: £15 per child

We bring the ready made but un-decorated cupcakes, icing and a multitude of sprinkles, the utensils and tablecloth.

We entertain the children and show them how to decorate their own cupcakes. We are on hand to help each child individually whilst making the birthday party the most fun and enjoyable for everyone. As a parent, you are therefore able to sit back and enjoy watching the children learn all about cupcakes and decorating techniques. You simply need to provide the venue, the children and the party food. 

Whilst the children enjoy the party food and Birthday cake or perhaps some party games, we clean up the decorating areas and box up each child's cupcakes for them to take home. These boxed cupcakes can double as the party bags.

Ultimate Cupcake Decorating Party includes:

  • Party Invitations
  • 6 Un-decorated cupcakes per child 
  • Selection of icings, sweeties, sprinkles and glitters
  • Printed aprons to use at the party
  • Gift Boxes for the Cupcakes
  • Cupcake Quiz


      Before                                              Finished Party Boxes                     Works of art!

Minimum of 8 to a maximum of 15. If you are interested in a cupcake decorating party for a larger group, please call me for further information.

Depending on your location, there may be a mileage charge added, though this will be discussed on booking.