A little about the Suffolk Cupcake Company


Started in October 2008 by 2 great friends, Helene Challot and Verity Smith; the Suffolk Cupcake Company was born. A desire to work from home due to family commitments, the increase in popularity of cupcakes and a mutual keen interest in baking formed the basis for this partnership!

Started with farmers markets, swiftly moved on to weddings and cupcake decorating parties for all ages as well as workshops; Suffolk Cupcake Company is one of the original Cupcake companies in Suffolk. They cater for everything from cupcakes, cake pops, iced biscuits, large cakes for all sorts of occasions and they pride themselves for the number of loyal customers they have.

In May 2010, Verity left the company to concentrate on her family life. Helene has continued growing the business since then and continues to provide cupcakes for all occasions. Verity still makes fantastic cupcakes at home.

The Suffolk Cupcake Company would like to thank all their customers for their continued support!


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